Trees outside Scotland

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Abergwynant, Wales  (2014) Coloured pencil 30 x 42 cm; 750 (including postage & packing; already framed)

This is a place I visited to do a survey of mosses and liverworts.  There are some interesting and uncommon species here, mainly on rocks along the edge of the river.

Tomies Wood, SW Ireland  (2014) Coloured pencil 30 x 42 cm; 750 (including postage & packing; already framed)

A wood of mainly oak and holly, with the ground mostly covered with small rocks that are themselves covered with mosses.  Rocks of gold!  I was here to look at mosses and liverworts, of which there are some special rare southern species that need a very mild climate and grow also in subtropical parts of the world.

Oak at Glencoyne, Ullswater, Cumbria  (2012)  Coloured pencil 30 x 42 cm  ● SOLD

I love the woods of the Lake District, especially in the winter half of the year when the colours are subtle (even more so in this mist) and the brightness of the mosses on rocks and trees really stands out.

Oak at Aira Force, Cumbria  (2010)   Coloured pencil 21 x 30 cm; 300 (including mount + postage & packing)

Another Lake District wood in winter.  There is a big and spectacular waterfall (Aira Force) a short distance downstream, but the scene is much more peaceful at this spot.

Oak near Welshpool, Powys  (2010)  Coloured pencil 21 x 30 cm; 300 (including mount + postage & packing)

I grew up near Welshpool and often came here to Powys Castle Park to look at birds and trees.  There are many splendid old trees here, and this oak was one of the largest.  I went back there recently and found it mostly broken up and fallen but with some of the lower trunk still standing.  I took some photos and will probably do another drawing of it in its more recent state.

The Major Oak, Sherwood Forest  (2010)   Coloured pencil 21 x 30 cm; 300 (including mount + postage & packing)

I've never been to see this huge old oak (hardly ever been to Nottinghamshire) but of course I would like to. Who wouldn't want to go and see such a tree as this? It's not only the big old trees that are worth looking at though. For example the young ones here are beautiful too, with the delicate patterns of their slender stems. This drawing is based on a photo I found online at

Hawthorn, Salisbury Woodland Gardens, Blackpool  2010; coloured pencil 21x30 cm; 250 incl. mount + postage/packing

This hawthorn is in a wood where I did a survey of mosses and liverworts, for Blackpool Council.  I thought the mosses and liverworts here would probably not be very amazing (the site being in a big urban area) but I was wrong - I found a good population of the tiny yellow-coloured western liverwort Cololejeunea minutissima on many of the trees there, and various other species that need clean air and are now increasing in Britain (air quality has improved in recent decades). And I enjoyed Blackpool too - I found it quite a friendly and welcoming place. My timing was lucky - on one of the two nights I was there I saw an amazing international fireworks competition.

Oak near Englesea-brook, Cheshire  (2011)  Coloured pencil 21 x 30 cm  ● SOLD

My aunt, when living in Cheshire, commissioned me to draw her a picture of this oak (from a photo she took) because it was one of her favourite trees.

Oak 1 near Lucton, Herefordshire  (2010)   Coloured pencil 21 x 30 cm; 300 (including mount + postage & packing)

On my way north from some survey work in Devon, I stopped off at a few places to photographs trees.  I wasn't sure if I was trespassing here or not.  If I was, and if someone had appeared and told me off, I might have said "Oh, I'm so sorry - I totally forgot that the laws are different outside Scotland!".  And of course it would have been appropriate to speak highly of the trees . . . and I'm sure everything would have been OK.

Oak 2 near Lucton, Herefordshire  (2010)   Coloured pencil 21 x 30 cm; 180 (including mount + postage & packing)

Another tree from that same walk in some farmland/parkland in Herefordshire.

Baobabs in Africa  (2011)  Coloured pencil 21 x 30 cm; 300 (including mount + postage & packing)

I've never been there.  I drew this from a photo I found online (from

Baobab in Madagascar  (2011)  Coloured pencil 21 x 30 cm; 300 (including mount + postage & packing)

Another baobab drawn from a photo I found online at  At first I couldn't believe this was a real tree.  I thought someone had been digitally altering a photograph, but it is actually real.

Woodland in The Bronx, New York City  (2015)  Pen 21 x 30 cm; 300 (including mount + postage & packing)

My daughter Elen and I spent a week in New York City in summer 2014. We loved it! Fabulous place! And not just for the skyscrapers - it feels like a kind of whole world in itself and even has quite wild bits of woodland such as this one at Pelham Bay Park in The Bronx. I actually enjoyed being in a place where I could look at all these trees and not know what species most of them were! (Well, OK - in many cases I could tell that it was, say, a species of oak or a species of willow and so on, but I didn't know exactly which species.)

Oak near Thirlmere, Cumbria  (2010)  Pen 10 x 15 cm; 100 (including mount + postage & packing)

Yet another place to which I came to do a survey of mosses and liverworts.  This tree would have once been coppiced, with the stems all cut low, but in the absence of coppice management there for a long time those stems have been able to grow thick and old.

Near Dallas, Texas  (2015)  Pen 15 x 8 cm (original not for sale)

I found myself here online and was surprised how 'British' it looked considering the very different climate in Texas.

Birch at Thornythwaite, Cumbria  (2016)  Pen 21 x 30 cm (original not for sale)

Moss and liverwort surveys again!  Great woodland, with some unusually large and dark-trunked birches.  The next two pictures are of the same wood.

Oak at Thornythwaite, Cumbria  (2016)  Pen 15 x 21 cm (original not for sale)

Rocky woodland at Thornythwaite, Cumbria  (2016)  Pen 15 x 21 cm (original not for sale)

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