Whisky drawings

A set of 27 drawings done in 2017 to illustrate The Whisky Dictionary, a book by Iain Hector Ross, published by Sandstone Press in October 2017. Each original picture is 36 x 23 cm and drawn in black pen (+ coloured pencil for the cover picture) on an A3 (42 x 30 cm) sheet. I had to choose one word from each of the 26 sections A-Z and illustrate that word. Each illustration occupies the first page of its section in the book. Figuring out ways to illustrate these things was an interesting challenge, for which purpose I've incorporated some humour in order to help represent the word and to add some fun. Can you work out what the subject/title is in the drawing for the letter 'I'? There's quite a lot of detail in the originals and it's not all obvious in these smaller images, but you can make them larger on screen by holding down the 'Ctrl' key and pressing '+' as many times as required ('Ctrl' '-' makes them smaller again).





















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